Friday, December 19, 2008


A blustery, snow-blow-y day today. We're going home this afternoon, but we got our winter wonderland holiday vacation...Stayed at a wonderful condo last night (Grand Residence): my husband loves this place and so do I. We might head up to Northstar--our favorite family mountain--and ski a bit before driving back to the Bay Area. Having a bit of trouble getting the family (i.e., spouse) moving this morning, but luckily there's an early checkout time here that we can't extend.

What I'm listening to: Last night I heard Eine Kleine Nachtmusik in passing...such a warhorse but it still by the Mozart master ...and still fun to hear.

What I'm reading: Brought The Calder Game with me.

What I'm singing: Audition arias (Mimi, Countess)
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