Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On Being Brrr-y

Well, if it felt cold in the Bay Area at 38-40 degrees, it's even colder up here at Tahoe.

Right now, the temperature is 4 degrees and dropping. We're at South Shore, a few shivery steps from State Line. (From here, I can see the illuminated Harrah's sign.)

The air is crisp--it even smells cold--and a new snow storm is expected to blow in tomorrow afternoon. The drive here was beautiful and easy, with clear, almost-empty roads and picture-perfect, snow-laden trees. Pretty much an ideal situation: the beauty of winter without the pain...

Since my husband is working Christmas and New Year's weeks, we're taking an early, mini Christmas vacation. Not that he's working Christmas Eve or Day, mind you. On those two days we'll be at my mom's for a lovely-but-short family holiday. Nice to be together for the holidays.

What I'm listening to:
On the drive, we were going to hear an old favorite that came free on my Mp3 player, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe , but wound up listening to the News Hour and then putting a couple of CDs on instead--an old, much-loved Incubus and one by Benabar. I had brought Les risques du metier. The bookend cuts are my favorites on this CD, but I really prefer Infrequentable--his latest. Got to figure out where in the house I stuck it...sigh...

What I'm reading:
Can't read while driving (even as the passenger ;)...but I like to drive and am usually the one behind the wheel)...Still, that's one of the myriad reasons trains are so great...moving, traveling, seeing the countryside, meeting new people, and reading, all in one positive experience. Takes a little longer sometimes (not always, though) But otherwise, what's not to like?
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