Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all!

Here, finally, is a picture from the Christmas concert at First Church in Berkeley. From left to right are: Steven Levinow, viola, Patti Tenbrook, cello, William Ludtke organ and conductor, me, Kathleen Moss, mezzo-soprano, Paul Murray, baritone, Michael Jones, violin.

At the moment, I'm feverishly getting ready to go back to Germany...very soon...The entire suitcase/ traveling/ packing thing is always somewhat of a challenge, especially in the winter. I wish I could have a magic carpetbag, like Mary Poppins. (Failing that, I continue to be a huge fan of Eagle Creek luggage.) Where's Julie Andrews when you need her?

What I'm listening to: the incomparable Teresa Stratas singing Kurt Weill's "I'm a stranger here myself." What a performer, with those round gamine eyes and expressive voice!

What I'm reading: Write it in that people can have trouble reading my atrocious handwriting in yet another language. So far I've learned to write 7 letters.

May everyone have a 2009 that is better than your fondest hopes and wildest imaginings!
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